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1. To squeeze or not to squeeze? Never squeeze a pimple. Instead of picking at your face, hold an ice cube against the blemish. This reduced the redness and helped the spot or blemish to quickly disappear.

2. Garlic’s not just for cooking! Good nails make you feel and look much better. For stronger nails, a somewhat strange yet effective technique is  to rub them with garlic. It really helps strengthen the nail, whitening the tips and encouraging growth. The only problem is the smell!

3. It’s all natural. I encourage all to use healthier, natural ways to highlight and dye  hair. Did you know Chamomile tea has an active bleaching agent that can lighten darkened roots?

4. Mash it up! Ripe avocado doesn’t just taste amazing, it’s also a natural moisturiser. Try grinding it down into a paste and then apply it to your elbows and knees where the skin can get quite dry and worn.

5. Back to Basics. Soft, supple skin is essential. The use of a dollop of Vaseline in cold weather on our faces will help to keep in the moisture. When those temperatures drop, put it over your moisturiser to lock-in all that goodness.